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Woody and Marcia move to Autumn Corners at Copperleaf.

When we moved to Springfield, Autumn Corners, we were delighted to find suitable 55+ rental condos available. Since we had never lived in Springfield before, we felt renting until we knew exactly where to land was a great idea. Well, after 2 ½ years of renting, the opportunity to realize many of our pent up desires occurred. Of course, all of the above has been possible with the guidance and patience of Teresa Hall. We were a bit hesitant to move outside the city limits of Springfield due to our medical and hospital contacts are in Springfield. Well, we made several trips to Nixa at various times of the day and found to our surprise in most cases it only added 5-6 miles and took less than 10 minutes more travel time. We were very desirous to live in a more rural setting with less noise, more birds and the peace of just living where it is less congested and the pace is much slower and much more to our liking. The street layout around the well landscaped pond really makes one feel that the usual hustle and bustle is very remote. The activities, the friendliness of the residents and general atmosphere are a very pleasant asset. The amenities include a complete swimming pool, and in my case my own softball practice field, and two very nice club houses. Sure, the move was demanding and at times overpowering, but we survived and are just tremendously happy to be residents of Autumn Corners at Copper Leaf.

Marcia and Woody Knight


We had questions about downsizing.

We had questions about downsizing, but we have been very happy with our decision. Our neighbors are very friendly and there are lots of activities and events for us to enjoy.

Mr. and Mrs. Brase



Bobbie Wingo
1352 N. Sandy Creek Circle # 2 I Live Here and I think Autumn Corners is the PERFECT place to start living my Autumn years before my winter years. Here you are relax among caring friendly neighbors, take walks in several walking trails, and lake area. We are close to Springfield, Branson and Silver Dollar City area. You are also close to daily sight seeing Mountain areas in Missouri and Arkansas. You are close to Hospitals, doctors, dentists, and shopping centers. Before I had a Big home and yard to take care of, here I enjoy my smaller living area. I LOVE my new Autumn Corners at Copper Leaf condo home, less to do and more to enjoy life..you need to make a move to enjoy your life..venture out to something new while you still can enjoy normal lifestyle. Autumn Corners gives you’re the choice of living space..downsizing, can be fun after you move in you can set back and have some other people doing the outside work, while you relax with a good work on indoor hobbies, visit with friendly neighbors, walk over the nature trails, take trips near and far. Come and enjoy your new home..and as you know there is no place like HOME and Autumn Corners home is just that.
Raymond & Barbara Bradshaw
 “Teresa Hall is a pleasure to work with. Very knowledgeable and truthful.”
Craig & Yolie Bieber
“Like I said before, it was wonderful working with Teresa! She had helped us before in buying our home, and now in selling our house! She is a gem to work with, very patient, respectful, kind, friendly, professional, and very easy going. I don’t think there is another agent out there that compiles all the attributes that Teresa has! It was a blessing working with her! I would do it again any time!”
Donald & Janet Brown
“Thank you Teresa for your excellent, professional help and your warm personality.”
George & Barbara Jones
“Teresa was very knowledgeable about our property and kept on trying after we had almost given up. She found a buyer who made it easy for us to move.”
Connie & Giles Jensen 
We consider Teresa a friend now because of our positive experience of buying a home here in Springfield.
Marilyn Lauck
I called the realtor on the sign; I was interested in this home due to it being near our daughter.
Teresa Hall was in close contact throughout the process of this home purchase, which helped it go through smoothly. I would certainly recommend Teresa Hall to friends and family seeking a realtor.
She’s an A+ in my book.
Barbara Joyce
“My property had been listed with three different realtors for a long three years. Being a specialty piece of real estate, it needed energetic advertising and target marketing. Teresa and her team sold it within 44 days. I can not convey enough the degree of professionalism, dedication, and personal attention they gave to my sale. This is the second property Teresa has sold for my family. I sincerely recommend her services to you and your family.”
Gary Bates
“Teresa Hall and her office were very knowledgeable in the surrounding home sales in our area. We felt Teresa and her staff were well organized and up to date on sales techniques. They used several advertising strategies to list our home. We would recommend Teresa Hall for any type of listings. If we decide in the future to sell our house, we will use Teresa Hall as our realtor”.
John & Helen Hudson
“Outstanding! Teresa went above and beyond our expectations!”
Scott & Karen Fortney
“It was a pleasure working with Teresa Hall. She provided peace of mind in our difficult situation and I am confident she got us the best price possible for our property.”
Patrick & Sharon Barone
“Teresa Hall far exceeded expectations when it came to taking the time to get to know me personally and the things that I wanted in a home. Although all agents do this to a certain extent, none have ever taken it to such a personal level that they truly knew what would make my heart happy and content. After looking for over two years, and losing all the homes I liked because I had not found employment yet, I decided to refrain from house shopping until after I found a job. When I called Teresa to let her know that I had found a job on Wednesday, she scheduled houses for me to see on Friday. I was on a tight timeline, as I only had six weeks before starting the new job. She had five houses to show me that day, and she knew me so well that all five had the characteristics that I wanted and needed, but one was perfect. I found my house on the very first day. I could not ask for better service that Teresa provided for me. She is wonderful. She made the entire buying process smooth and simple and continued to follow up to see that all was okay. When a few details weren’t correct, she saw to it that they were taken care of. I have no hesitation in recommending Teresa to others, and if I ever move again, I’d never use anyone else.”
Mark & June McLean 
“During our transitions, we have had numerous health and other issues. Teresa was very accommodating and helpful. She made suggestions that helped us solve some of the problems we encountered. It was very helpful that she knew the right people who can help us with our move. We felt that Teresa really cared about us.”
David Retone
“We would recommend Teresa to anyone that is in need of an agent! She was patient and kind to us. She was available to answer out questions or concerns at anytime. Teresa treated us like family and she shared our joy as we went through the finding and purchasing of our dream home. Teresa was always encouraging even when we felt discouraged. We feel confident that we would not be moving into our dream home had we no used Teresa!”
Herbert Dannenfeldt
” If your want things handled professionally, then Teresa Hall is your person! She is knowledgeable, and will answer all your questions, while making your sale or buy go as smooth as possible!”
Ava Crotinger
“Teresa Hall was the best real estate professional I could have ever asked for. She helped me find just what I was looking for, and I changed my mind a few times, so there was quite a challenge.
I contacted Teresa Hall initially because a family friend had given me her contact info, and now I know why she came so highly recommended. She is very knowledgeable about the area and real estate in general. I learned a lot about house construction that the home owner should know, because of Teresa’s thorough review of the properties we visited and there were quite a few. She was creative in thinking of things to help me get what was important to me (like a fence expansion for the back yard).
I will gladly recommend Teresa Hall to family and friends.
Bill & Harlan
“Teresa and Tammy both did a wonderful job, they were helpful and friendly, and more like a good friend than a Real Estate person. So, we feel very comfortable working with them.”
Kim Travers
” There was no question in my mind that I would choose Teresa for an agent. Her dedication and integrity is amazing. She has the patience of a saint and never gives up finding just the right home for her clients.
Teresa represented my husband and I very professionally. We never had a doubt that she was looking after us in every respect in the purchase of this home. She worked so well with the other agent. it was quite obvious that she is held in high regard with many agents in Springfield.
We never had a doubt that Teresa was the best choice.”
Peter & Christine Malley
“We moved to Springfield in June 2016 and heard about Teresa Hall from the beginning. She is considered the expert in finding the right retirement housing for you. We knew we had to have her as our agent. Teresa has been the utmost professional during the whole process of our purchase. She was expedient in meeting our needs and keeping us abreast of developments. She’s personable and quick to help with anything. We are very pleased we found her. Being trustworthy is at the top of our list and we got that impression from the beginning. Teresa’s knowledge of the community and property far exceeded our expectations. Her attention to detail is superb. The negotiation process was painless. She was there for us every step of the way. The overall experience was top-notch. We would recommend Teresa to anyone. Teresa made our buying experience a pleasurable one.”
Teri Moore (behalf of Parents)
“I want to commend Teresa for making the house hunting experience enjoyable and painless. Teresa was extremely knowledgeable with each home and pointing out the pros and cons of each location, knowing the criteria I had in mind for my elderly parents. Her response with inquiries or info to be passed along was very punctual. She was such a joy to be with and I very much appreciated her expertise and easy going nature.”
Wendy Bennett
” Teresa is highly knowledgeable about houses, quality, and the Springfield market. She has many contacts that have helped with the details of home buying and ownership. She understood our needs, which were somewhat unique, worked hard to make sure everything went smoothly. She is an asset not only to Century 21, but to Springfield as well.”
Myron & Barbara Hess
” She was always ready to help us whenever we needed her. We had been looking in Springfield for some time and she always kept us informed on any possibilities. Then we decided to move to my husband’s hometown in western Kansas and she was the right person for us. I guess we just really liked her and trusted her. We still feel that way after all was done. We feel she gave 100%.
Our house was under contract in 3 days after the sign was placed! Awesome!
We worked with 2 other people which were Tammy, her daughter, and a young man in her office that took pictures and brought the signs. At this time his name escapes us, but he was very courteous and polite, as was Tammy.
Teresa was great to work with in every way! Thank you so very much.”
Jentry Easter
“I was unsure about how to go about buying a house. Teresa was extremely patient with me and helped me every step of the way. She is sharp and knows what she is doing. Not to mention she is just awesome to work with! I can’t say enough good things about her!”
Gene & Judy Herndon
“Teresa is simply the very best at her job. We have known her for a long time and for my money we could not do better. Only wish all agents were as professional as she is.”
Vicki Friedrich
“I had a very good experience. Teresa is knowledgeable, kind, and thoughtful. She tackled the listing and the results were amazing! She was wonderful!”
 McDaniel Family
“We so appreciate the time and suggestions that Teresa had for us and our property. We knew her expertise before she began to help us because of friends and consider her a friend. Her knowledge was reassuring to us. there was never a time that she was without help or suggestions when issues arose. And there were special issues with the buyers. She was on top of everything and I’m certain that is the way she is with all of her clients.
Not being familiar with real estate selling or buying, we had lots of questions. I’m not sure that we ever dialed her number that she didn’t answer. I can’t remember leaving a message. She was helpful when we needed suggestions or ideas for hired help. She never acted like we were too much trouble, which I’m sure we were borderline troublesome with all of our questions. We just can’t say enough how wonderful she was to help us at every turn and consider her our friend.
There were ads in many places, and in print. We are so thankful for the many hours she spent helping in this way, and she was at the closing to help us there too. We think she is great.
We were able to let her handle everything and were comfortable doing that. Not being in good health ourselves, we needed that kind of capable experience. She was knowledgeable about so many things that we would never have thought of at all. All we had to do was ask and she was working on whatever we needed.”
Sandra Perry
“Felt strongly that she was honest, trustworthy, and reliable. Consider her to be a personal friend!”
Sandy Anderson
“Teresa went above and beyond my expectations in all categories and made every step uncomplicated and understandable and made the entire process make sense.
Tammy and Seth were both always cheerful and very helpful every time I interacted with them.
Teresa Hall and her entire staff were always professional and accommodating and did their best to be at my service at every turn.
I have rarely enjoyed a business relationship as much as I enjoyed working with Teresa Hall and Company.”
Lee & Sandy Burkholder
“I don’t see how it could have gone any better. Teresa was particularly skillful in managing a lender which was pretty lackadaisical in its time performance.”
Walter & Carolyn Bartlett
“We met Teresa at several open houses when we began the process of down sizing and became very impressed with her professional non-aggressive style. We knew that when we found the right place in Elfindale and don’t anticipate any further moves but if that should change Teresa will be our first phone call.
Way above required or expected performance by the whole group or staff. Provided names/phone numbers of people to do repairs or services that I am totally satisfied with ability, performance, pricing, and overall likeability. Have actually recommended at least one of them to someone else.”
Jim Edge on behalf of Dalphina & Jack Henry
“Teresa worked so well in a difficult situation. Her respect for our family was commendable.”

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